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            Life Song II


The pond has very distinct life stages.  From the innermost part of the pond, life is constantly thriving.  Change is inevitable as the food chain rattles with hunger summoning the predators from far and wide. 


Life Song II has been a progression of my work with the pond-life theme.  This piece is a functional tea pot that embodies the pond from the heron predator on down. The two cups in the set have the carved heron’s head, a nod to the top of the pond’s food chain.


The handle of the tea pot shows the hungry heron with bent neck searching for a meal.  His head dips into the pond waters hoping to spear a lingering koi.  The green slender leaves that grow from the bottom of the pond wave in the wake of the koi meanderings.  They search for sustenance, eyeing a dragonfly that swoops near the waters edge.  The pond is ‘all things beautiful, all things deadly’ as the life song merges with this tea pot. 


The tea pot, tea pot stand and two cups are made of porcelain that is thrown on the pottery wheel, altered, carved, pierced and sculpted.  



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